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His Red Right Hand / 2


About this dead-center: Four houses – farmsteads – each located at the center of a square whose sides are one mile long. Each of these four squares has a vertex coterminous with the dead-center.

The squares do not overlap one another.

The top-right vertex of the top-right farmstead is located at a point eleven and three miles (respectively) from the top and left sides of a larger square whose sides are thirty miles long.

The corresponding sides of the larger square are parallel to those of the four smaller squares.

A point half way along the top side of the larger square is coterminous with a point lying on the top side of a larger rectangle.

This point is 174.42 miles from the top-left vertex of this larger rectangle whose sides are 206 miles long (top-to-bottom) and 397.70 miles long (left-to-right) (save where a portion of the rectangle’s boundary to the top-right is delineated by the course of a river and is not easy to describe without the aid of a drawing).

The corresponding sides of the larger rectangle are parallel to those of the four smaller squares and larger square (save in the case of the river).

To diagram is to punish.

Though inadequate to the task – part-priest, part-geodesist – the architect’s devilish red-right-hand performs its acts of ruthless circumscription with alacrity.

At night, new orders of chaos reveal themselves embedded in a phalanx of false necessities and the fabricants of queasy moral schemas – providing meter to the earth’s untrammeled matter – scrub themselves and their soiled vestments.